1 Clarify.
1 Create.
your BRAND
1 Connect.

Get 3 in 1 power for your website and brand:
design, copy, tech

interconnected, the way they need to be.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Clarify Your Vision
Create Your Brand
Connect Your Community

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“…Katie's an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius …”

—Kari Samuels
Intuitive Counselor


All You Need to Jumpstart Your Biz
Includes in Addition
Includes in Addition
1. Opt-In: Jumpstart Your Client Base

The "No Brainer Opt-In" jumpstarts your client base -- attracts clients to sign up for e-mail messages — my awesome simple, original signup concept & design — the concept, art and tech setup on your site in 1 main spot (additional options available).

($488 value alone)

2. Landing Page

Simple, clean, great looking landing page focused on your opt-in concept so you can direct people to easily sign up. This is the fastest possible way to start the ball rolling with your biz. Using Wordpress with Headway theme (LeadPages or other options possible).

($488 value alone)

-- Includes domain registration ($99 value)
-- Includes hosting setup ($99 value)
-- Includes Wordpress install ($99 value)
-- Includes Headway install ($99 value)
-- Includes custom e-mail setup ($99 value)

2. E-Mail Marketing Startup

Fundamental e-mail marketing setup so you can manage the people signing up for your offer and communicate with them to create a steady flow of clients. Integration with MailChimp (free up to 2,500 subscribers), simple styling of form series, integrating with your opt-in and landing page.

($488 value alone)


Clean, Beautiful Site or Sales Page —

  • Mobile-friendly website / sales page created in Wordpress using Headway theme (sales page can be Optimize Press).
  • 5 pages + Blog (usually Home, About, Work with Me, Praise, Blog, Contact); sales page is one page with a menu if wanted.
  • Domain, hosting and e-mail setup.
  • Most useful and safe plug-ins installed.
  • You provide copy you want to use.
  • You provide concept and click-to if using an opt-in.
  • Include up to 3 videos optionally.
  • Include audio files optionally.

NOTE: Minimal outside expenses include your domain name ($20/yr approx.), web hosting ($150/yr approx.), stock art, audio and video management tools, apps you may choose.

($2,998 value alone)

Plus Your Vision/Message Statement —

Get the single most important element of your brand: your message. My proprietary EmbodyVision™ 3P system: People, Path, Payoff — resulting in your “Primary Statement” that tells people what you’re all about — clarity in simple words.

($1,998 value alone)

Plus Branding —

Color palette, typography, custom graphic treatment and elements, photography or illustration approach. Create your unique look and feel that's distinctively yours. Having your unique style enables you to be recognized and appreciated in all different formats.

($1,998 value alone)

7. Plus Pro Custom Logo —
Your original, gorgeous custom logo (I've been featured in logo design books). Includes all rights.

($2,998 value alone)

8. Plus Copy Editing —
Copy editing for your whole site (original writing in Track 1); in-depth editing of your provided copy. Marketing writing is a specific skill used to speak to your ideal client in words that resonate with them.

($1,198 value alone)

BONUS: Your choice of 1:

E-Mail Signature Art to include on all your e-mail correspondence WITH your logo art.

Accept Credit Cards on your site using PayPal as merchant WITH custom check-out and invoice pages.

Scheduling Software on your site so clients can book from your website WITH customized messages and art.

($488 / each value alone)

9. Plus Branded Facebook Marketing —
Social media focus on Facebook. Branded banner set, branded profile art, branded posting structure in both copy and art. With 40,000 fans on two biz pages, I'll provide pro help on how to use. I've got a unique way to help you use Facebook for business. Attract more clients and have fun while doing it. Fill events. Drive social media traffic to your ongoing offers. Set up a steady flow of interested customers. We'll use my proprietary Theme & Variations™ approach.

-- Includes setup of 1 Ad series

($2,998 value alone)

10. Plus Pro Naming / Tagline —
Pro naming work for your choice of either 1: your business, domain, product or program name / naming system or 2: your pro tagline. We may also create your unique site menu that reinforces your brand. This work will set you apart.

($1,998 value alone)

11. Plus Branded Voice Copy Writing —
Copywriting as well as editing for your whole site. Original writing that takes your own voice spoken to me in recorded sessions and translates it into brilliant web or sales page copy. We'll also imbue your unique voice into your Facebook and E-Mail Marketing campaigns. Speak to your ideal client in words that resonate with them.

($2,998 value alone)

12. Plus Branded Full E-Mail Marketing —
Setup of branded e-mail sequence to attract clients with your opt-in through followup. After you've got your site, it's been shown that the #1 way to build your audience is to use e-mail marketing to grow your community and fans. We'll set up all aspects from mailing address, headlines and artwork to forms, message content plan and list setup. Your "No Brainer" opt-in works with this.

($3,998 value alone)

13. Plus 3-Piece Print Identity Package —
The best business card you've ever seen. Custom letterhead. Rack card (postcard) with your essential business information to use as a leave-behind whenever needed. Rack card written as well as designed. Print management and prepress expertise included.


($2,998 value alone)

Plus Key Extras —

14. E-Mail Signature Art to include on all your e-mail correspondence.
15. Accept Credit Cards
on your site using PayPal as merchant.
16. Single Lightbox Popup Design to gorgeously capture clients’ e-mail addresses.

BONUS 1: Scheduling Software on your site is an option if wanted for Track 1 clients.

BONUS 2: Online Calendar on your site is available.

BONUS 3: Printing Included — 100 each of your full color: 1. Folded business card, 2: Letterhead, 3: Rack card.

(6 x $488 / each value = $2,928 alone)

Bundled Price: $1,444

Timeline: 4 weeks


Total Value: $14,118

Bundled Price: $9,500

Optional 3 pay of $3,500

Timeline: 3 months


Total Value: $30,572

Bundled Price: $24,500

Optional 6 pay of $4,500

Timeline: 6 months


Add the Amazing EmbodyEXCEL-lence Lead Gen System to Any Package

My unique, easy, fun system fills your programs and client roster.
It uses Excel spreadsheets with my unique approach and has enabled
clients to have consistent 5-figure months and events.
It will up-level your business and life.

Customized Setup   V.I.P. Intensive   One-on-One Mentoring

Total Value: $1,888


Optional 4 pay of $488


Timeline: 2 days


Total Value: $5,550


Optional 2 pay of $2,880


Timeline: 2 weeks


Total Value: $15,500


Optional 3 pay of $5,550


Timeline: 2 months

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Right Brain / Left Brain Brilliance Combined

For a New Breed of Playful, Spiritual Entrepreneurs

  • Get the chops and experience (15 years in business, Creative Director for billion-dollar firms and cute little guys too (see clients)) to take you where you wanna go.
  • Get a long-term relationship, not a piecemeal approach and not fully do-it-yourself, as you've got other things that require your time.
  • Get big picture visionary thinking PLUS detailed attention together for your thriving success. You need both!
  • Now you get to breathe, smile, dance, love and share what you're here to do.

You've Found a One-Stop Creative Shop

  • Vision/Message clarity — (my EmbodyProfit™ system of your 3Ps)
  • Design expertise — (award-winning designer; Theme & Variations™)
  • Copy Writing expertise — (award-winning writer; 100s of sites written)
  • Tech savvy — (100s of sites programmed + print broker expertise)
  • Marketing big picture thinking (trained by the internet's leaders)

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“…Among the most talented and versatile resources we've had the pleasure of calling upon…”

—John Zweig, CEO, WPP Group, Branding & Identity

(WPP owns Young & Rubicam. J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy and
other world-class
communication firms)

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