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Commitment to your vision

Even before clarifying your vision, ask yourself if you and your business want and are ready for big success? Human beings have many reasons we stall and avoid what we think we want. And while shrinks make money helping us figure some of them out, I am here to help you cut to the chase. Why? Because I care. I relate. It's fun. And I'm good at it. Humans are a fascinating, loveable, confused lot capable of true art, brilliance, greatness, progress and love. That's big. You are big.

Number one ingredient in your success is committing to it.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back — Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

— Attributed to Goethe
big thanks to Georg
ina Sweeney

Before you can achieve anything difficult or worthwhile, you have to commit to it. That commitment means you will stay the course when it gets confusing or difficult and despite setbacks. That is the beginning of the passion required for success. It's a simple concept. Very simple. Very powerful. And key. You will have the power of commitment for what truly matters to you. It's part of human nature. But you may have to dig to find out exactly what that is. I'm here to help you dig. Once you find it, you will have the key to realizing your dreams.

Your heart chart

I help you hone in on your successful business by considering and defining your vision, your brand and your clients, as you see outlined on this site. My EmbodyProfit system's heart chart illustrates this cycle for success. I'll share with you how each component leads to the next and guides you where you need to go. This is how to fit the pieces of your successful business together into an ongoing flow for your gorgeous, happy biz life.

What's your vision?
What do you want? What do you dream? What do you see? Oddly enough, people often neglect this foundational piece of establishing their business. Once you start focusing on this key component of success, it becomes obvious how helpful and necessary this definition is.

So what's your vision? If you can't easily state it, how can you expect your customers to be able to find you? This disconnect is keeping your customers from you. The good news is: it's actually fun! Because whatever really floats your boat is the very thing that's going to float your customers' boats too. I'll help you get to the core of what matters to you and your community.

Your people, path & payoff
This is the start of my system for looking at the whole picture of your entrepreneurial business. Read more under brand and get in touch to dig deeper.

Who are your people? What is your path? What is the payoff your business provides? Defining these is critical to your success and it's lots of fun. The process is not so tough once you get going; you'll wonder why you didn't do it all along. But most businesses neglect to focus on this kind of clarity and then wonder why their profits aren't so clear. I'll help you clear off the mud and bring in the sun.

Your “why”

What's at the heart of the matter is the "why" of your business. (Thanks to Simon Sinek of Start with Why and Greg Habstritt of Simple Wealth for inspiring aspects of these concepts.)

“What” is your business?
The "what" of your business is pretty simple. You build furniture or you write books about cats or you are a doctor, musician, teacher or hula hoop expert. Okay, good. Thanks for telling us. Someone who wants what you do, make or sell says okay, now I know. But does that incite commitment from a potential customer? There will be many other people who do that too. Not exactly the way that you do but there will be lots of other options. That alone does not create big success and that's where the average business sits.

“How” do you do that?
The way you do what you do is getting a little closer to what distinguishes you from others. When the world was less technologically connected, the "how" of how you did what you do was apparently more compelling because when somebody found someone who did something well, they were glad. We still are. But it's a big world with really easy access today with the web and other resources. So even "how" you do what you do so well isn't enough to float those valued customers' boats. There will be competition. And in the realm you're going to, there's no such thing as competition because your value is unique.

“Why” do you do it?
The "why" you do what you do is where the juice is. This is the heart of the matter, literally. When you connect your heart to others', you hit a home run — or a "heart run.” This is your and our (and everyone's) recipe for success. You don't have to be a "feeling" person (and logic is a good thing too) to realize that this is what connects human beings — in business, in friendship, in love.

Driven by passion

Any successful business will find or create its community. One of the reasons art and business do go together (despite some creative people feeling that business is scary or bad and some business people feeling that creative people are "out there" or hard to understand) is because the same thing that drives creativity is what drives extremely successful businesses: passion. And everyone has one. You may just not have found yours yet. It's part of my passion to help you find yours.

Passion — and love — is the great motivator. Sometimes we feel passionate naturally and it can be great and sometimes it can feel out of control. How do you harness your passion if it feels inconsistent? How do you maintain it if it can be rocky? How do you find it if you don't feel it for what you are doing? How do you turn your fire into profitable results? There are ways and means, peeps.


Connecting from your heart = value
How beautiful is it that the explosion of technology leads us right back to our hearts? The incredible ability to connect with millions of people the world over has created an environment where it's easy to find resources, easier than ever before. And at the same time, it has made what matters clearer than ever before: that you reveal and stay true to your heart. When you do, your customers will find you and you will be rewarded in every way that counts. The satisfaction of connection, of going to places beyond your dreams, of community with like-minded souls. And money will naturally follow because you will be creating value.

The real "commodity" we all have to offer and want to share with each other is love. I'm willing and proud to state it. It's not just time for art and business to shake hands; it's time to realize that love is at the core of everything unshakeable and successful. It's the underpinning. And there's no shortfall of love. There's plenty to go around. It's at your disposal any time you choose to tap into it. Welcome. So glad to have you here. In fact, it's lovely.


Play time

To help clarify the vision of your passion and have fun uncovering the foundation to your success — the inner of your outer — contact me for an initial discovery session. I'll share with you tools I use to build your prosperity.


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Jill Bolte Taylor
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One of the reasons art and business do go together… is because the same thing that drives creativity is what drives extremely successful businesses: passion.
The incredible ability to connect with millions of people the world over has created an environment where it's easy to find resources… And at the same time, it has made what matters clearer than ever before: that you reveal and stay true to your heart.
See vision statements for related practical results from doing this vision work.
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