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      Design that captivates

Effective design draws people in. I've designed a wide range of materials for clients, from little toy tops to gigantic exterior and interior exhibitions. Look through the menu at left to see examples of art. Get in touch to discuss your unique needs. I love helping you realize your dreams and ideas.



The big picture

Embodyart helps clients see the big design picture. Even small projects deserve a big view. For everything I create, I provide a full range of related services, from start to finish, concept through design to delivery, as listed below.

Embodyart's roots are in graphic design so my design chops are here to serve the people and businesses I work with.

Design is how something looks, feels, behaves, performs, sounds, interacts. Branded design looks at different pieces of a cohesive company, product or service and joins them with aspects including color, shape, texture, sound, wording. Part of a branded campaign, logos represent a product as a distilled symbol and transmit its feeling and purpose to the world. The Cooper Hewitt Design Museum describes graphic design as “design with a purpose.”

Effective graphic and product design aids an item in communicating its function and personality to its audience, as opposed to just aiming to look good or be art for art's sake.

The design of useful items is art for life's sake. Form and function are inextricably bound.

I specialize in helping super creative people who are ready to make serious money and a difference in their piece of the world.

I offer special expertise creating designs for creative people in these areas:


your foundation
When I describe what I do briefly, I say that I “design businesses.” It's true. I help take your dreams from start to finish, from the germ of an idea to a fully developed product, whether it's polishing up your website or figuring out the overall picture of your business so you can be monstrously successful.

Embodyart helps you determine how best to deliver your message, what form(s) it may take, naming, content development, targeting your ideal market. I help clients breathe life into concepts. I help you figure out how to make the best use of time and budgets.

Honing in on your vision is the first part of the process. That process allows us to know just where to go with your specific materials.

your design
I love to show clients that business and art are allies. The synergy between the creativity of design and the practicality of business objectives combines for effective results.

I've developed trusted relationships with printing, manufacturing, fulfillment, distribution, construction, fabrication and installation resources.

You can rely on me to finalize details, produce your pieces, construct and install designs and get your information into the hands of your eager customers.

Embodyart offers a special mixture of high-level creative skills, the latest tools and technology and years of experience creating everything from toys to tomes. I listen to you. Together, we'll listen to your audience. Click categories in the menu at left to see design work samples.

Call to discuss your communication and design needs. I want to help your business grow and look awesome while doing so.

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