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Your brand is an invitation

Your brand shows the world who you are, what you care about, how you do what you do. This is done 111% more effectively when you are clear on your vision.

As an award-winning designer (well, at least one. I think. No, it's true), one of my strengths is in providing clients with gorgeous looking and sounding brands. I design and write everything you need to communicate your message to the world. Look through these portfolios to see examples of client work. See Embodyart's client list for an idea of who I have helped.


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Your visual style

Your brand visually is conveyed in color, type, shape, texture, approach. Your visual style is the first impact many people receive. Are you clean, romantic, architectural, sweet, soft, playful, artistic or eclectic? Your visual style is a chance to communicate with fun. I revel in helping you express your brand's personality.

What you say and how you sound

Your brand or business' essence is also conveyed in the words you use and the way you disseminate those words. What approach do you choose: funny, obtuse, simple, smart or something else?

The way you do things

What you stand for and offer is also conveyed by the way you do things — events you create, the frequency and way you approach your customers and more. What informs those choices is the clarity and details of your vision. That's why honing your vision is necessary for a strong brand.

Any person or business who presents themselves to the world has a brand, no matter how well or poorly thought through that impression is. I help you think your brand through bringing talent and experience to make the process jump start your business. With my help, you will make an impression that beautifully and powerfully represents your goals, values and offerings.

The art of play

I specialize in brands that know how to play. Turns out play is as fundamental to life as food and sleep. Embodyart is a naturally playful business. Most of us have had the experience of being joyfully involved in something that feels effortless. A big component of my mission is to bring the spirit of play to your (and our) work for your joy, connection and profit — and I do. I take your playing seriously.

Play researcher Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, describes play as having the following seven main properties:

  1. play is apparently purposeless
  2. play is voluntary
  3. play has an inherent attraction
  4. play provides freedom from time
  5. we experience a diminished consciousness of self
  6. play has improvisational potential
  7. play contains a continuation desire

Read a little more about the awesome payoff of playing here.

Your cunning plan

So how do you combine that playful spirit with concerted goals? With a cunning plan. A plan that allows your playful spirit to thrive while at the same time taking into account your mission. Well-designed systems are a key to realizing your goals. From simple concepts like putting a goal in writing and placing it on a calendar to complex strategies with systems and sub-systems, creating plans that set our dreams in motion is what makes all things come to fruition.

How many inventive, clever people do you know who have great idea after great idea and never do anything about them? Is that you? The missing piece is a clear plan. I believe that imbuing your systems with the spirit of play is the magic mixture that creates greatness.

I love systems that work for you — systems with a solid foundation, creativity, clear sense as well as imagination and enough flexibility to stay vital. Creating this type of a cunning plan for your business is one of my strengths. I will help you formulate the pieces of your simple but powerful plan so you will see results. Results like a purring business, happy clients, revenue increases and the satisfaction of focus on what you love to do.

The EmbodyProfit Method

I will share with you my method for looking at the whole picture of your entrepreneurial business.

Who are your people? What is your path? What is the payoff your business provides? We get these answers in the vision work we do together. With these elements in place, we can then set up your products and anticipate your real profit. Defining these elements is critical to your success and it's lots of fun. The process is not so tough once you get going; you'll wonder why you didn't do it all along.

Most businesses neglect to focus on this kind of clarity and then wonder why their profits aren't so clear. I'll help you clear off the mud and bring in the sun.


Play time

How and why do your customers choose what you are presenting? Different cultures think differently. I'll help refine your product choices so that your audience responds. Contact me for an initial discovery session and start making great choices.


How Do We Choose?

Your and your
customer's choices

There is an art to the way people make choices. This is relevant for anyone in business interested in effectively communicating to their desired audience. Too many choices and people zone out. Too few and people are under-served. The right amount and you are in the zone.

The way you present your brand is all about choices. Where do you show up? What are your vehicles? How often do you send information out? Do you present everything you offer at once or dole it out? I can help you make great choices; it's a big part of your success and creating a simple system ensures you will communicate effectively and realize your desired results.

See super interesting video about choice below.

Sheena Iyengar
The Art of Choosing

Turns out play is as fundamental to life as food and sleep. Embodyart is a naturally playful business.
A big component of my mission is to bring the spirit of play to your (and our) work for your joy, connection and profit — and I do. I take your playing seriously.
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