1 Clarify.
2 Create.
your BRAND
1 Connect.

I help creative entrepreneurs build playful, thriving brands.

Through the EmbodyProfit Method, we'll ignite your smart, gorgeous, spiritually-centered brand that connects with your ideal clients and makes a difference in the world.

  My Story
My “Why”

I'm Katie, creator of Embodyart and the EmbodyProfit Method. Like many entrepreneurs, I bring to my peeps the hard-won lessons of my own path's stumbling and ultimate victories.

Learning from the School of Hard Knocks

Whether you're struggling to get customers or overwhelmed by the need to focus, I can help. I work with entrepreneurs who are ready to make good money and a difference.

In business for 14 years, I went through several cycles of big ups and downs.

Patience and humility in the face of failure can be a BIG part of being ready for success.

After years of uncertainty, I looked business and life square in the face and figured out systems for success. I knew it could be done because I was humbled, open, willing to learn whatever it took and ready to commit like nobody's business (pun intended).

From Designer/Writer to Vision & Business Creator

I grew from being a designer and writer working on brands (for solopreneurs to billion-dollar corporations) into designing whole businesses.

This happened as I realized what my own business needed and was lacking and how much other entrepreneurs needed these things too.

My roots remain gorgeous design and sparkling, intelligent writing. I bring this to my clients.

I also bring vision and big picture clarity: a major key for your success.

My Secret Sauce: Right Brain | Left Brain Combo

Without seeing the big picture, you're basically groping in the dark. I'll help shed light on your journey.

Everything shifted for me when I got clear on my vision. I'll help you do this too.

Your brand stems from this clarity. If you try to do things the other way around, put up a pretty website without being clear on your message, you end up confused and tangled, treading water and certainly not maximizing your results and effectiveness. Most of us have tried that way first.

You won't find this mixture with many so-called branding experts, designers or writers because they're focused on one particular angle.

We Consider the Whole and the Parts

I believe you have to dance between seeing the whole of your business and vision and paying attention to the pieces — giving them the detailed focus they individually deserve.

My approach is a yin / yang whole. It's a coming together, not a clash of opposites.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We're stronger together. And we each matter. The same is true for your business and its components.

The EmbodyProfit Method: Clarity

The path of the entrepreneur is an amazing one because entrepreneurs, when properly aligned with their head, heart and soul's purpose, walk their talk.

I've created my own method that I call the EmbodyProfit Method, because it's built to lead to your profitable business. With it, I'll help you craft your gorgeous business and brand.

The key components necessary to make your creative enterprise sing can be summarized in these 3 steps:

  • Clarify Your Vision
  • Create Your Brand
  • Connect to Clients

Click here to learn more about my system for your thriving business.

Now It's Your Time to Commit

I work with clients who are ready for serious success. It's a great place to be. It's being in "the zone" and we all recognize when we're finally there.

This decision is the most important ingredient to your success. Once you commit this way, putting the pieces in place is a downhill ride compared to getting here.

Unwrap Your Heart's Passion and Thrive

I'm not here to make you pretty stuff. I will make you pretty stuff but only what stems from your business and heart's deepest reason for existing. I help you align your head and heart with what you're meant to do in this life. These are big, juicy, valuable stakes.

A Note on Creative People & Money

Creative people can often get caught up in unconscious traps of unworthiness linked to money.

I see your value and will use my gifts in business, design, writing and marketing to help you uncover and express yours so the world can see it too.

Your message needs to be presented in such a way that the world can grasp it. I've devoted myself to learning how to present messages beautifully and clearly so that the people who can't wait to connect with and support you can hear your call.

It's All Ultimately About Connection

Ultimately, it all comes down to love and connection. You're born to connect with others, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert.

I'm here to help you connect using your unique, creative business.

To make a difference in your world. And live with love and joy.

Brief Biz Background

In business since 2001, I spent several years beforehand as a Communication Consultant for major corporations, and served as Creative Director for consulting firms along the way. (See client list.)

Ready to Play?

For me, the spirit of play is at the heart of how to make work and life sing. Without that joy and light heartedness, the most worthy message can fall flat. I connect with clients who share a playful spirit and together, we'll embark on a playful journey of deeply rewarding joy. You gonna love it.











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