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your BRAND
1 Connect.
I help creative, spiritual entrepreneurs build thriving brands
by aligning their passion into all the pieces needed
for a playful, profitable business.
entrepreneurs' responses

“…Katie's an inspiring blend of wordsmith wizard, graphic ninja and business genius.

— Kari Samuels, Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach, Carlsbad, CA


Exactly what our marketplace needs. Kudos.”

— Patrick Anderson, Ontraport, Santa Barbara, CA

…Among the most talented and versatile resources we've had the pleasure of calling upon. Katie brings an elegant design sense to communication material that is rare. Outstanding work. I couldn't recommend Katie more highly.”

— John Zweig, CEO, Branding & Identity, WPP Group, World's Largest Ad Agency, NYC


Introducing Your

Appetizing Vision, Message, Opt-In & Copy Writing
Clarify your engaging, foundational vision, message & opt-in in writing

leading to your

Satisfying Logo, Website, Brand Design
Create your captivating visual design & suite of brand pieces
Served with sides of illustration & photography
Including tech development

followed by your

Sweet Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, E-Courses
Products & Promotion

Connect to and invite your ideal clients for a thriving profit flow
Prepared with astute artistry and brilliant systems
Left and right brain mojo combined

your BRAND

First we clarify your passionate vision's message (so you can be heard).

Then we create your playful brand with unique design, killer copy & smart tech setup.

Then we connect it all to your ideal, glad-to-pay customers (for love and profit).


I'm Katie and I cook up thriving whole brands. Yum. I'm an award-winning designer, copywriter and tech expert combined, helping build beautiful brands for 14 years in business. I've served as Creative Director for Fortune 100 corporations and smart, trailblazing entrepreneurs. I work with playful, creative, spiritual entrepreneurs. Is that you?

All the parts of your brand are interconnected. If you put things together in a piecemeal fashion (a logo here, an e-mailing there), you'll never create the delicious impression that will skyrocket you where you want to go. Brilliant brands thrive with this synergistic approach.

Great brands build great connections to their audience. They're not just about you or your product or service. They're about building a relationship with your people. That's what I'm here to help you do.

it's your time

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entrepreneurs' responses

Success directly related to Katie's efforts, insights and knowledge. Deeply grateful.”

— Lisa DeLand, Dancing Fire Lizards, Austin, TX


“Your message is so clear and powerful, and your voice is great.”

— Mary Cate O'Malley, Strategic Communications, San Diego, CA


I feel like I've hit the jackpot having Katie in my MasterMind Group.”

— Simone Sandy, The Spirited Entrepreneur, Boston, MA


“Katie's websites are gorgeous! Sexy, playful, alive…

— Ephraim Mallery, Modern Hedonist, Denver, CO


“Any room Katie is in should be called the living room.”

— Richard B. Kaufman, Writer, New York, NY


“An absolute mentor & genius… I'm blown away at Katie's ability to ‘see’ me.”

— Jeunesse Pearson, PlayFate, BC, Canada

embody profit


Local Color • International Reach

Based in da Bronx. You got a problem with that?

Serving you internationally.

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