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How do you define your vision and passion? Do you think enough philosophers, poets, musicians and everyday dudes have tried? Your passion motivates your vision. Passion is a drive. It makes you smile and dance. It wants steadfastness, courage, risk and love. That may sound big and it is. Passion in your work requires the knowledge and the willingness to commit. 100%. Knowing that you will do what it takes. Saying "I'm in." When you are there, you make all things possible. This is your starting point for greatness. Look out world: here you come.


How do you define your brand? Your brand is the spirit of your biz. I specialize in and help create brands with playful spirits. (Read more on the unexpected value of play here.) Playing is when you're involved in something for no reason other than to do it. You're not worried about the sand castle falling or about water coming to sweep it away. You're just having fun doing it. When you bring that spirit to your work and your life, your work and your life blisfully dance. I take your playing seriously.


How do you attract happy clients? How do you maintain a flow of steady customers? And how does your community equal profits? Without profit — and people — your business can't thrive. A business that isn't profitable is sad. Don't be shabby. Get spruced up. Profit in business comes from serving needs. Profit comes from the value you provide. You need an ongoing cycle to stay in touch with your ideal customer. I'll make sure you find the customers who are longing to find you. It's a match made in heaven. On earth, it brings profits.

Entrepreneurs’ responses

“Katie, my collaborator and energizer bunny of creativity and marketing IS AMAZING!!!! She rocks BIG time. The success of this workshop is directly related to her efforts, insights and knowledge of what works… and how it works. I’m deeply grateful.”

— Lisa DeLand, Dancing Fire Lizards


“Wow, girlfriend, your websites are gorgeous! Sexy, playful, alive… It's good to have all the dark corners filled with love.”

— Ephraim Mallery, Modern Hedonist


“I know exactly what you're like without even talking to you from seeing your brand. It's not an easy thing to do. People hate being sold. You can't create a template for authenticity. It differentiates you from any website out there. It's exactly what our marketplace needs. Kudos.”

— Patrick Anderson, Ontraport


“Working with Katie is so amazing!!! She really took the time to get inside my vision and inside my ideal client avatar's mind. The result is so amazing, so authentic. My brand is taking on the clear identity it needs to convey my message to my tribe of Goddesses. Thank you so much Katie. I'm just beaming with light and gratitude!”

— Jewels Bertrand, Shine Your Light


“I'm so grateful Katie is a part of my MasterMind group. I feel like I've hit the jackpot having her in there.”

— Simone Sandy, The Spirited Entrepreneur


“Any room Katie is in should be called the living room.”

— Richard B. Kaufman, Writer

“It's been my dream for 3 years to streamline everything I do and that's what Katie and I have now done. Everything Katie does just speaks to me. I am in love with my site. Katie gets me... I love Katie for being such a wonderful listener. Her enthusiasm has gotten me out of heavy, heated times and I consider her a dear friend. I am grateful to know Katie!”

— Nathalie Villeneuve, Daily Life Flow

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